Help us to help our visually
impaired brethren ......


Annual Convention

Annual Convention of K.F.B has been a regular since 1971. It is in fact festival of the visually impaired in the State. Every year the State Convention of K.F.B is hosted by an Organizing Co.....

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Blind Welfare Fortnight Celebrations

Since 1972, K.F.B had been observing 15th to 21st of October every year as Blind Welfare Week. From 1997 onwards it has been observed as Blind Welfare Fortnight in the two weeks from October.....

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Helen Keller Day Celebrations

K.F.B is celebrating Helen Keller Day every year on 27th June, the birth day of Helen Keller. District Units and Forums will organize programmes in every districts of the State......

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Foundation Day

K.F.B is celebrating Foundation Day on September 11, every year. Flag of K.F.B will be hoisted in K.F.B headquarters and all institutions and offices under K.F.B on this Foundation Day......

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International White Cane day

On 15th October every year K.F.B is celebrating International White Cane Day in all Districts of the State. White Cane rallies, Seminars etc will be the main programmes on this day......

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World Disabled Day

K.F.B is actively participating in the World Disabled Day Celebrations on 3rd December every year, organized by the Department of Social Justice, Government of Kerala......

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Mobility Training

Blindness causes a person lack in mobility and orientation. With the help of White Cane and other Equipments, we are giving traing visually challanged persons to move around and live indipen.....

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