KFB Home for the Destitute Blind, Keezhuparamba, Malappuram

The Center at Keezhuparambu started in 1998 as a vocational Training Centre. Grant in Aid from Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment has been sanctioned to this Centre. Moreover Condensed Course for the visually impaired women, to help them to pass SSLC, also conducted at the Centre with the support of Central Social Welfare Board. Many visually impaired women passed SSLC by attending the Course in this Centre. In 2006, the Vocational Training for the visually impaired has been stopped in this Centre, due to the denial of Grant in Aid. Then on 2009 November 1, the Home for Destitute Blind started in this Centre. 15 visually impaired persons are staying in this Centre now. This Centre aims to provide, food and medical help to these underprivileged persons in the rest of their life. To run this Centre successfully, a Committee has formed as the President of Gramapanchayath its President. KFB’s Malappuram District Unit is striving hard in cooperation of this Committee to run this Centre. Moreover, MLA, President of Malappuram District Panchayath, President of Block Panchayath are the patrons of this Centre. Contact No:9495372214.